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We don't have to tell you that LTL shipping is a thin-margined business, so costs must be minimized. Two of the biggest costs for LTL carriers are fuel and labor. Quick turn-around time, preventing driver injury and minimizing fuel usage are significant goals. The X-Press Converter Tool can help ensure that you meet those critical performance goals. With the X-Press Converter Tool, your drivers can hook-up and be on their way delivering freight in less than half the time it now takes! Imagine the savings in time and productivity when you multiply that over your entire fleet operation.

This amazing tool provides drivers with better control as they back underneath the second trailer.  Cutting time means cutting fuel consumption. And using the X-Press Converter Tool also reduces the potential for disabling injuries. Keeping your drivers on the road also means you spend less time recruiting, hiring, qualifying and training replacements. 

Let the X-Press Converter Tool help reduce your transit times for LTL freight. The X-Press Converter Tool maximizes the utilization of every trailer for every load picked up and dropped off, and for every mile driven. Call today for an on-site demonstration.