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Introducing the X-Press Converter Tool

Dolly Guide™

Based on more than three decades of experience in the trucking industry, the X-Press Converter Tool is an innovative tool designed to help drivers hook up double and triple trailers.

When in use, the X-Press Converter Tool locks the dolly in place so the driver can easily back it straight under the rear trailer and engage the king pin.

Special Handle Makes for Easy Handling

Special Handle

The X-Press Converter Tool features a handle that makes it easier for drivers to maneuver the dolly by hand. The handle also help drivers avoid lost-time injuries that can happen while hooking up double and triple sets.

Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.

Drivers will learn to use the X-Press Converter Tool in less than 15 minutes. After that, even rookie drivers can hook up a set of trailers with the X-Press Converter Tool in half the time it would normally take.

Faster Hookups Save Time and M$ney

With the X-Press Converter Tool, drivers can get on the road faster—and that means more miles in less time. For fleet operators, that adds up to happier, more productive drivers.

Less time to hook up their sets means drivers using less fuel!

With its special handle and other safety features, the X-Press Converter Tool can also help reduce the costs associated with lost-time accidents and Worker’s Comp claims.

When multiplied across an entire fleet, these savings can really boost the bottom line.

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